You have come to the right spot in discovering opportunities to connect with other women who are on similar journeys as yourself.

Various environments have been created to help ladies gather and get connected to what God has designed for them personally. It’s our prayer that God will bless you as you step out and lead yourself, your family, and friends. There’s a place for every woman, including you, to be a part of Women at The Crossing! We have weekly Rooted and life groups. You’re also invited to join the occasional gatherings for ladies.

There are two things women crave: community and dessert.  

CRAVE: Jesus. Coffee. Girlfriends. 
Do you ever feel questions bubble up beneath the surface of your faith that make you question or doubt God?  This season of Crave we will be exploring the theme Prone to Wander. Without anything anchoring our souls, we have a tendency to drift, or wander.  This fall, we will look at some of the questions that cause us to become wanderers and discover the anchor that will secure our faith. Together, let’s unpack scripture and be transformed by it.  We gather for Crave the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Crossing Windmill from 6:30-8:00pm.
August 8 | September 13 | October 10 | November 14 

Stories from Crave at The Crossing

At Crave, a woman came up to me and said, "Your smile saved me tonight." She told me she was feeling lost because her friends hadn't shown up. But when I smiled and made eye contact with her, she felt noticed and encouraged to stay. Soon after, a table host invited her to join them, making her feel even more welcome.
My entire table had 4 first time Cravers! They all loved it, and want to come back and sit together. We all exchanged numbers and have a group chat going and promised to check in at least once a week. One of my ladies moved here the day before and wanted to get plugged in and showed up, how amazing is that?!
When God shows up, we are in awe and I’m in complete awe of how he orchestrated the evening and the arrangements of every single lady at every single table. We were all right where we needed to be doing what God needed us to do. My table honestly and openly connected and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. We started a group text and have shared prayer requests and prayed over one another. God is good!

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