Mission & Vision

The mission of The Crossing is simple:
to help people discover Jesus & The Journey.

The Vision

A place where every age, race, and background come together under one
 roof to connect with God.
A place where the lost can find a safe place to take their first steps
 with God.
A place where hundreds are coming – maybe not even knowing why – to
 find a hope that they can’t find anywhere else.
A place where baptisms occur regularly; people telling their story of 
life-change through Jesus Christ.
A place where the ‘found” are so deeply committed to Jesus Christ that 
they are serving the poor, giving sacrificially, engaging with those who are 
far from God, and turning this valley upside down.
A place where people are quitting their jobs to partner with The
 Crossing as we serve others locally and globally.
A place where we are generously committing our finances and our people 
to start and serve new churches around the world.
A place where we are on the front lines of helping women get out of
the sex industry and helping to stop sex trafficking in our own city.
A place where we have volunteers who are making a difference with the 
homeless around the valley.
A place that has missionaries on every continent, reaching the most 
unreached people groups around the world.
A place of hope and healing for hurting where people come from all 
over to find help.
A place known for serving our community in transformative ways.