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Almost every Wednesday night we gather together at our Windmill campus and put on an engaging service with games and host moments to worship and solid teaching. Our services happen weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6-8:30pm. From 6-6:30pm is purely hang out time! We have our snack shack open in the Venue lobby area with pizza, snacks, and drinks available for purchase. Then from 6:30-7:30pm, everyone is in the Main Auditorium for our service. After service, students head to their respective small groups based on grade and gender till 8:15-8:30pm.


The Crossing Student Ministry is a place where students are welcomed without exception; known deeply, empowered to make an impact, and equipped to fearlessly lead others to Jesus.


6:00-8:30PM on Wednesdays

Upcoming Dates: 
February 17th-18th Winter Retreat
February 22nd All Church Night of Worship
March 29th ONEnight: Glow in the Dark
Winter Retreat is here! February 17th and the 18th. The cost is $90 with a $45 deposit. 
SUMMER CAMP is here too! Check out our camp page below!


In our series Funeral for the Flesh we will be exploring the book of Galatians. Paul puts a strong emphasis on the Fruit of the Flesh or the Fruit of the Spirit. Truthfully? He even says we need to put our flesh to death. Put away the sins that are weighing us down, because it's then and only then that the Fruit of the Spirit can break through and be produced in our lives!

Join us on YouVersion for a Bible Study through Galatians that goes along with the series! 18 days in his word, diving deep into Paul's letter to the "Foolish, Bewitched Galatians!" The plan starts February 9th!

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Come join us on Wednesdays at the Windmill Campus from 2-5PM. The campus will be open to you for anything from hang out space, to homework space, to a small coffee bar space, to even group project work rooms! We'd love to see you! This will begin on OCTOBER 12th and you will need to register! So register here below!

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