Tijuana, Mexico

Age: 8+ | Focus: Home Build
MARCH 4-6, 2022 | OCTOBER 14-16, 2022
This trip is a great opportunity to work together and accomplish big goals over the course of just two days. We will be partnering with Homes of Hope, a ministry of YWAM just across the border near Tijuana, Mexico. They have been providing a hand up for families for the last 25 years.  We will build 2 homes in 1 weekend!

Tijuana, Mexico

Age: High School Students | Focus: Home Build
MARCH 3-6, 2022
The Crossing Students will work together to build an entire house for a family.  We will be partnering with Homes of Hope, a ministry of YWAM just across the border near Tijuana, Mexico. They have been providing a hand up for families for the last 25 years.

Cape Verde, Africa

Age: 18+ | Focus: Discipleship
APRIL 2-11, 2022
The Crossing will be sending a team to Cape Verde (West Africa) to continue the work of community transformation that began over 2 years ago. This effort in Cape Verde is an outgrowth of similar ministry outreach of The Crossing in Ghana that has taken place over the past 8 years – utilizing the principles of Community Health Education (CHE) to assist local ministry leaders in impacting their community.

Tijuana, Mexico

Age: 8+ | Focus: Home Build
MAY 19-22, 2022
Join over 100 men from The Crossing on the Mexico Men’s Mission Trip in Tijuana, Mexico.  This team will partner with Homes of Hope, a ministry of YWAM to build homes for families in need.

Newcastle, N. Ireland

Age: 18+ | Focus: Prayer
MAY 13-19, 2022
This team should see the value in coming to pray, worship, learn, and ‘be’ -- people who feel called to be intercessors, worship leaders, musicians, artists, or whatever other door the Lord opens. Our hope is that you will be compelled to change something within your lifestyle at home after this experience and make a greater impact in Las Vegas.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Age: 16+ | Focus: Community Outreach
JUNE 4-11, 2022
The team in Honduras will be working with local pastors through Hope Coffee on a variety of projects in the community.
Examples of these projects can include home builds, community meeting structures, and water storage buildings.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Age: 18+ | Focus: Discipleship
JUNE 10-17, 2022
This trip is unique because it brings to light issues and injustice we are surrounded with right outside of our doors. Cambodia is a country flooded with the injustice of human trafficking and AIM is taking action steps to prevent it. This trip is an opportunity to learn about what people around the world are doing to stop the similar injustice of trafficking that is right here in Nevada.

Lodz, Poland

Age: 15+ | Focus: Community Outreach
JUNE 2022
During this trip, the team from The Crossing will primarily be working alongside groups from all around the globe during a week-long, city-wide festival. The team will be working to prepare for this and help put on the festival. During the day there will be various projects to help prepare for the festival.

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Age: 16+ | Focus: Kids Ministry
JUNE 17-23, 2022
Hope House Intl. is designed to invest in the child’s future, not just by providing a meal or a place to sleep, but also through education, psychological therapies, and extracurricular activities – all the while placing them in a safe environment – giving them the opportunity to experience love and acceptance within a family unit. During the trip the team will do a variety of projects like orphan care, construction, kids camp, and community outreaches.

Lake Volta, Ghana

Age: 18+ | Focus: Kids Ministry
JULY 22-28, 2022
The Crossing will be partnering with City of Refuge Ministries (CORM). City of Refuge is a home for about 40 children that have been rescued from a life of slavery in an area near Lake Volta. They teach these kids new skills and trades to help them make money and also teach them the love and hope of Jesus that is being offered to them so they can experience a life with hope and prosperity rather than a life of poverty.

Huanchaco, Peru

Age: 16+ | Focus: Youth Ministry
AUGUST 6-13, 2022
Las Vegas Resident and Crossing attendee, Iliana Bustios, has been working in the barrios of Peru making a difference in the lives of young men and boys. Partnering with teams from The Crossing, as well as other churches and organizations, Iliana and her team are seeing lives changed and transformed through consistent relationships and investment in gang-ridden neighborhoods and communities.

Delhi, India

Age: 18+ | Focus: Youth Camp 
MARCH 4-5, 2022
We will be joining our partners, Mid India Christian Mission in central India, serving in several of their ministries.  One of the ministries is Oasis of Love, a program to uplift and empower mentally and physically disabled children.  In India, a disabled child is often looked down upon and is considered a curse by society and family.  Mid India believes they are a blessing and can contribute to their community.