Each year, we receive a Christmas offering to strengthen and impact our local and global partners. If you feel called to give, we invite you to join us as we work towards these current initiatives:

This year’s offering will focus on creating an incredible new gathering space called “The Landing.” This area will host outdoor events such as Converge, Student Ministry, small groups, and whatever else we dream up! It will feature an in-ground baptismal, grassy space, shade structures, and a play area for your little ones, in addition to serving as a great environment for large events. We look forward to creating a space for our Crossing Family to come together and enjoy fellowship with one another!
At the beginning of 2022, Casa de Luz increased their impact in the Midtown area by adding a new location for outreach.  Through their efforts, they are now serving over 120 kids weekly. The staff have been scrambling each week to borrow a van or they use their own vehicles to transport kids to and from the centers.  A new vehicle will allow them to better serve the community, pick kids up from school, bring them to the centers, and take more kids on field trips!
 The Missions Outreach Center in Bejamse at Lake Volta will provide a place for City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) to stay with groups when traveling to the villages in the north. This project will include lodging, a kitchen, training center, clinic, and storage for medicine and educational material. CORM will utilize this facility to perform community training, teacher in-services, and medical clinic materials.