What We Hope To Be True About Our Graduates
      • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
      • Have fundamental Biblical Knowledge
      • Have a desire or internal motivation to do, serve the King and be about Kingdom work
      • Understand and practice spiritual disciplines, personal Bible study, practical talents & how to use their gifts
      • Understand and model healthy relationships
      • Life a lifestyle of service at church, at home, in the community & around the world
      • Empowered
      • Has been impacted by milestone & rites of passage moments


Faith Building Blocks

Our Faith Building Blocks are applied in all four Next Gen areas in age appropriate ways to help students grow and develop in their walks with Christ.

IDENTIFY – We long for students to grow to understand who they are in Christ. Our identity cannot truly be found in anything for anyone other than Christ. We were made on purpose and for a purpose. Our lives have meaning. God has laid out a plan for our lives and we can cling to that hope. Our hope, strength, purpose, everything rests in Christ.

KNOW – As children develop toward adulthood it is paramount that they have an in-depth understanding of key Biblical truths and how this should impact their interactions with the world. This has the power to cause a permanent shift toward a Kingdom perspective that shapes their everyday lives and relationships. We want them to know what they believe and why they believe.

PURSUE – As we mature and grow in Christ we learn the value of an ever-growing relationship with Him. Our focus is to equip the next generation with the tools necessary to have daily encounters with God. We long to expand their understanding and ability to use spiritual disciplines and pathways. We want to equip children to take the journey with Christ.

BE – Relationships are at the heart of all we do and key in how we engage the world. We want to navigate children and students in how to establish and maintain healthy relationships across all areas of their lives. We want them to be present and an intentional part of other’s lives.

DO – We have been gifted and hard-wired to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our world. We all have something to offer to others. We want to raise up children and students to live out the love of Christ for others to see.

GO – We have been commissioned to take the hope of Jesus to others. Jesus calls us to do it as we god. We want to amplify the call of Christ to go and make disciples among our family, friends, community, and world.