About Microsites

The Vision

In order to move toward our vision of reaching our city, our community, and our world, we must become a church that thinks beyond the confines of our current campuses. To accomplish this vision, we are looking to the innovations of technology and crowd sourcing to bring The Crossing’s content to communities that would not be able to access it otherwise.

What is a Microsite?

A “Microsite” is essentially a gathering of people that connect in community, worship together, and watch The Crossing’s services online as a group.

Think Über for church – Über is the largest taxi service in the world, and yet they do not own any taxis. The genius of Über is they use resources that are already available to provide their service. There’s no need to buy a fleet of taxis if you can connect a person that needs to get somewhere with someone willing to drive their own car.

Now think about churches. Usually when a church grows it needs a bigger building (which can cost millions). But what resources are already available? Most people have a TV, the internet, and a living room. What if we brought the good news of Christ to them using these resources? The church could essentially grow and go anywhere and no longer be tied to the hurdle of high costs to grow.

Who are Microsites for?
  • People with affinity to The Crossing that live outside driving distance of a campus (out of state, international, etc.).
  • People from The Crossing that are burdened for a particular group or geographical area (homeless, downtown, assisted living, etc.).
  • People that can’t make it on Sundays due to work schedule, health reasons, etc., but consider The Crossing their church home and don’t want to just watch online, but rather journey together with others in community.
What The Crossing Will Provide
  • Content – Biblical, solid teaching, and worship music if needed.
  • Apple TV or equivalent means to show content.
  • Dedicated Vimeo channel – with a custom edit specifically for the microsites.
  • Offering through The Crossing app. The host is not expected to handle money in any way.
  • Pastoral training for host: discipleship, weekly check-ins, and host training.
  • Facebook group page for hosts so they can communicate and learn from each other.
Expectations For a Host Before a Microsite Begins
  • Undergo a background check.
  • Sign a covenant indicating they are followers of Christ, ascribe to the vision & values of The Crossing, etc.
  • Receive host training.
  • Start with a team so they are not hosting alone, this also sets the site up to multiply.
  • Have a location with a TV and internet.
Expectations Once The Microsite Has Begun
  • Host.
  • Invest and invite.
  • Maintain an excellent environment (clean, smells good, etc.).
  • Be an example of The Crossing’s mission and values.
  • Serve locally as a group (REACH local).
  • Send stories and information (numbers, what they are doing, “yay God” stories).
Setting Up Your Microsite Content
  1. On your computer, Go to http://www.vimeo.com, create an account, and sign in
  2. Go to our Microsite Channel: https://vimeo.com/channels/1044465
  3. Click “Follow” to start following the Microsite Channel
  4. On your Apple TV, download the Vimeo App
  5. Sign in using your Vimeo Account
  6. Go To the “My Videos” tab and click on “The Crossing Microsites”
  7. Choose the service you wish to stream and begin your Microsite
Become a Microsite
  • If you are interested in becoming a Microsite, contact our Microsite Pastor David Cowan, who can help explain the process, answer your questions, and help to get you started.