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Hey Kids Crossing Parents!

As we find ourselves unable to meet in a physical space, we want to encourage you to continue the faith conversations we are teaching in Kids Crossing right in your home! Below, we have provided a few resources that should be helpful in ensuring your kids don't miss a beat. You will see we have included our "Lesson Videos" for each age group so you are able to watch your kid's church service for this upcoming Sunday right next to them on the couch. After you have tuned in, you can check out the "God Time" button for daily devotionals you can do with your kid throughout the week.
You will also see that we have included some conversation guides, blogs and a podcast addressing how to navigate conversations around COVID-19 and the overall anxiety and fear your kid may be experiencing.

We want to highly encourage you to utilize these resources so that the tone in your home remains one of hope! This is an incredible opportunity for you as the parent to lean in as the spiritual champion of your home and family.

We will continue to update these resources as we find more helpful and relevant information. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please email our Kids Pastor, Rachael Macaluso

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Sunday, October 25th, Resources

Here are some great things you can watch and do with your kids this week since we are unable to meet on campus. They are broken down in three main phases based on the age of the kids: Early Childhood, Kindergarten - 2nd Grade, 3rd - 5th Grade. Each phase has a video lesson, worship motions, and a Spotify playlist.