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Are you a dedicated follower of Jesus, passionate about making a difference in our church, our community, and our world?

We believe a team that encourages, inspires and challenges each other, can do incredible things for God’s kingdom! Our team values relationships, diversity, collaboration, creativity and healthy boundaries. Most importantly, God rules! So, we encourage you to pray for God’s direction before applying and throughout the hiring process.

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To apply for any of the positions listed below, please complete the Employment Questionnaire.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The Crossing, a Christian Church (TCCC) is an equal opportunity employer and all applicants are considered without regard to race, sex, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability. As a religious organization, TCCC has the right to hire in accordance with our religious beliefs. All Staff Members of TCCC must be Christian, and, as such, must consistently seek to live by biblical standards as determined by the Elders of TCCC and agree to demonstrate unity within the church with a humble and teachable spirit.

Network and Systems Coordinator

In doing 21st century ministry, the ability to help people discover Jesus and the Journey relies heavily upon an effective and comprehensive IT foundation. When a healthy and robust technological foundation supports the highest goals of ministry, people connect with God. The NSC keeps our network, database, computers and other hardware up and running. They also possess the communication skills to facilitate the adoption of new software, equipment, and procedures. In addition, this position also offers the opportunity to collaborate with ministry leaders in the conception and execution of a variety of projects – offering technical expertise, product awareness, and other solutions. This position requires strong people and communication skills in addition to network, systems, hardware, and software expertise.

Volunteer Opportunities

We also suggest visiting our Volunteer Opportunities page and ask that you prayerfully consider serving in a ministry you are passionate about while you continue your job search. You could learn some valuable skills while getting connected and helping out.


The Crossing Residency is dual in focus and one in purpose. We want to immerse Residents in a fast-paced, ever-growing ministry context while coming alongside to invest in them by providing an understanding of how to engage culture with the Gospel. Our heart is to develop Residents who grasp and embody the core competencies of seasoned leaders. The Residency at The Crossing lasts 10 months. Starting July 30, 2020 and finishing May 30, 2021.