Hope for Prisoners 50 Christmases

December 12, 2019

Hope for Prisoners offers a variety of training programs for its clients to build and strengthen skills necessary for employment readiness, leadership development and success throughout the reintegration process. On Thursday, December 12, The Crossing is Hosting the Hope For Prisoners Christmas Event. An evening for parents at Casa Grande to have a Christmas dinner with their family and give gifts to their children. We will need many volunteers to prepare for the event throughout the week and to help host families.

Serving Details:
Wednesday, December 11:

Tree and Environment Decoration | 4p-8p 50 families/groups needed to decorate a family tree and pray for the Family as they decorate.

Thursday, December 12 (Day of Event):

Family Hosts | 3:30p-9p (50 people/groups of 2 needed) Maximum of 2 people per group.
Toy Shop Set-Up | 9a – 3:30p (20 people needed)
Gift Wrapping | 3:30p-6:30p (15 people needed)
Greeters | 3:30p-6:30p (15 people needed)
Check-In Hosts | 3:30p-8p (5 people needed)
Connection Greeter | 3:30p-6:30p (5 people needed) This team will connect the Family with their Host for the evening.
Misc Helpers | 3:30p-9p (10 people needed) Assist with trash pick-up, restocking, keeping family areas clean and where needed.
Parking Team | 3:30p-6p (10 people needed)
Food Service | 3:30p-9p (25 people needed)
Tear Down | 8p-10p (25 people neede)
Photo Op Team | 5:30p-8:30p (15 people needed)