Christmas Give

This year we will Light Up The City through our commitment to come alongside our church community and local partners– WestCare, Hope for Prisoners, and HopeLink–bringing joy to thousands of children and their families this Christmas.

OPTION #1 - Toy Drive
Between November 17 to December 1, you will be able to select a card from a city display matching the age group you would like to purchase a toy for. You will then return your gifts on Sunday, December 8. Wrapping won’t be necessary, as parents
will be selecting gifts in a store-like setting and wrapping the gifts themselves.

OPTION #2 - Gift Cards
Between November 17 and December 1, you will be able to pick up an envelope for your gift card. Buy gift cards from places like Walmart, Target, Chevron, Albertsons, or Smith’s. On Sunday, December 8, return the gift card in the envelope, indicating the amount of the gift card. These gift cards will be used to assist families in need here at The Crossing.


Pick up “Christmas Give” cards and envelopes

Return “Christmas Give” gifts to church


Throughout the month of December, we have several serving opportunities for you to Light Up the City through our local partners and at The Crossing. We encourage you to find a place where you can serve with your friends and your family.


Each year, we receive an end of year Christmas offering to strengthen
our local ministry and impact our community partners. We have some big vision initiatives our year-end giving will allow us to accomplish. If you call The Crossing home, would you consider giving a year-end gift to stretch and expand our impact? In order to accomplish the projects below, alongside our ongoing ministry efforts and commitments, we are prayerfully believing for a $2.5 million year end offering.

Crisis Relief

We view a vital part of our job as a church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus when tragedy strikes. An aspect of this is heading to the disaster zones when events happen, however, there is something special when we can assist one of our partners to be prepared for when these moments arise. Our partnership with Convoy of Hope allows us to do both of these things. This year we have committed to providing an industrial kitchen trailer that Convoy will be able to take to the disaster zones to help fill a need to provide food to people in the most vulnerable locations in the immediate days following a disaster.

Church Planting

In 2000, The Crossing was planted with the generous support of other churches. We know first hand what the support of other local churches can provide to a new plant. We have been able to give towards the start and initial growth phase of over 25 churches. This Christmas we are coming alongside one more church plant in New York City. In NYC, young professionals face pressures to find their identity in their work, in their abilities, in their educational status, and in their relationships very similar to the environment in Las Vegas. Russell and Katie Rader are the perfect couple to lead this church and we are proud to come alongside them and Orchard Group to spread the name of Jesus in Manhattan.

Campus Expansion Improvements

Outdoor Environments - The Crossing moved onto our Windmill property in 2005. This campus has served us well over the years, but as we continue to grow we want to better utilize our available space. Our 14 year old campus is in need of exterior upgrades including enhancing our courtyard and outdoor spaces, as well as creating more comfortable and communal spaces. These areas are the first impression for our first time guests every Sunday and new students every Wednesday. We want to be sure that they are inviting for allthose walking onto our campus for the first time, and those ministries that use the campus nearly every day of the year.

Come As You Are.