Club Christ

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From Taylor Schmidt, Center Director of Club Christ

On the day we handed out the Christmas gifts that were donated by The Crossing Church, a small group of volunteers walked from house to house. Before long, there was a trail of neighborhood kids following behind us. They were carrying gifts for us, singing carols, and applauding as the gifts were handed to the other students. One of these helpers was a 3 year old boy. His older brother attends the Learning Center, so his house was on our list of recipients. But the family didn’t know that younger siblings were getting gifts, too! The young boy followed the group, helping as he could, while joyfully admiring each gift that was distributed.
When the young boy’s turn came, his eyes opened wide. “For me?!” He was so surprised! He tore open the wrapping paper and stared at his new tricycle. “This is what I wanted” he said.  Without the generosity of the church moments like this could not happen.