The Rape Crisis Center

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From Brittany Hopballe, RISE Program Director

We are so grateful for your support through the Thanksgiving Event!  What an amazing event for the community and donation of Thanksgiving dinners; your staff and volunteers have been so helpful and kind!

Your support of 20 Thanksgiving dinners made their way into the homes of 20 survivors of human trafficking here in Las Vegas and has been invaluable to us.  It has truly made a difference in a survivors ability to celebrate life, family, and the holidays.  For example, a foreign national survivor of sex and labor trafficking was able to gather around the table with her children, family, and friends this year; something she didn’t think was possible after losing her job due to COVID.

We are thrilled to count you as one of our incredible community partners.  Thank you for what you do for us, for our clients, and for our community.