Dinner Delivery to First Responder

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On Friday, May 15, the Crossing Church gathered volunteers to supply dinner to Front Line Responders and their families.

Here is one of the stories from the night recounted through text message replies between the volunteer and First Responder, Michellin, who is a nurse at Summerlin Hospital.  


Michellin was working in a busy COVID unit at Summerlin on Thursday and missed my call.  When I did not hear from her, I started texting.  Her first response was; “I will email you or text as soon as I get home and THAAAANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Once home she texted their order adding “I am so excited to come home and eat the goodies tomorrow.  THANK YOU SO MUCH and I feel so blessed.  May God bless you more.”

Well, then The Olive Garden could not accommodate for Friday, two dinner choice substitutions had to be made, and a decision to deliver to them at the apartment complex leasing office which God gave me the grace to ask for had to be confirmed with the family as the restaurant would not deliver to their apartment.

Ok, all then arranged and confirmed for Saturday delivery.  Another text from Michellin:

“So happy and blessed!  My family is excited too and will send you pictures tomorrow.  It’s been a year since the last time I eat over there since I don’t have time coz I work 5 days a week.  My husband has cancer and I am the bread winner so I have to work hard.  Thank you sooo much and I’m so excited.”

Then last evening she texted “Thank you soooo much Nancy!  You gave us waaaay more than what we need.  Too much food and thanks a lot!!!  Everybody enjoyed it!

I’m gonna post this on Instagram.

Can’t thank you enough for sharing your blessing to us.”

My response to her was “You are worth it all and more.  On behalf of The Crossing Church for setting this frontliner volunteer donation program into effect, we thank and honor you for your hard work and dedication to patients throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  Take care and God bless you and your family.

There was also a text message on Saturday from her sister when they received the food as Michellin was still at work.  So, that’s our story.  Such a sweet, thankful family.  This was a privilege to be a part of and I am grateful to The Crossing for arranging this.  What a beautiful way to share the love of Jesus, serving in this way.