Refuge for Women Las Vegas

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Refuge for Women believes in redeeming, restoring and empowering women to walk into their futures without letting the past define them. Based in Kentucky, Refuge for Women is expanding all over the country. Refuge for Women is a 3-phase program that lasts up to 12 months. A safe place has been created for residents to experience healing with few distractions. The key aspects of the Refuge for Women program are sobriety, healing from trauma, and rebuilding trust. Refuge for Women works with women rescued from human trafficking.

Serve Refuge for Women

Who: Adults, Women
When: Variable
What: Please note that only women may serve at the safe house( However, Refuge has a variety of volunteer needs ranging from event help, administrative assistance, prayer team and more. Visit the Refuge for Women Volunteer Page more information.

Donate Resources

What: toiletries, art supplies, beauty supplies, gift cards, etc. For a complete list of items needed to supply the safe house, visit the Refuge for Women needs page (

Donate Services

What: If you are interested in donating pro-bono or reduced-rate services, please contact Refuge for Women to discuss. They are always looking for new connections with lawyers, doctors, dentists, therapists, financial planners, CPAs, auto mechanics, and many other professional services.


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