Child Dedication

Child Dedication

At the heart of dedicating a child is the dedication of mom and dad, because God has gifted you with this marvelous gift of life.

What is Child Dedication?

We celebrate this milestone with our church family two times a year, in the spring and fall, during each of our Sunday services.  As you take this step to commit to God and your family your intentions of committing your home to Christ and raising your children with Biblical principles, we also take special care and preparation to make sure this is a meaningful, God-centered experience for your family.  Child Dedication is not limited to infants, but is open to any child who has not yet made the decision to be baptized.

Steps to prepare for dedication day:
  • Registration typically starts about a month before the Dedication
  • Submit 3-5 photographs prior to the orientation
  • Registration is now open.
      • Orientation is required for each family dedicating a child at The Crossing.
      • During Orientation, we walk through the details of Dedication Day, as well as the why and what child dedication is.
      • Our hope is for both parents to attend, if possible


What about baptism?

At The Crossing, Child Dedication does not involve baptism.  We believe baptism is a decision an individual makes after they have chosen to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, repented of their sin and then choose to be baptized as a public confession and profession that they are following Christ. We do not practice child baptism until an individual is old enough to articulate those steps.

We at The Crossing want to partner with you on this parenting journey as you guide your child in building their spiritual foundation.  We pray that God will give you great wisdom and that your home will be filled with the love of Jesus.  May your love for Christ be so richly evident that the most natural thing for your child to do is love Jesus just like mom and dad do.

Our next Child Dedication is happening Spring 2018