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 Below you will find all of the materials and training you need to host a group.

Church Teams

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Login to our host & leader portal through the church teams button below. If you would like a quick overview of Church Teams, watch the video.

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Host Training

Host Training

Below are several video training sessions that will help you as you are hosting your study. If you are a new host, you can register for the new host training below:



Host Guides

Host Guides

Below are a few downloadable PDFs that may be helpful as you host your study.

Crossing Groups | Group Members | Group Discussion | Better Prayer | Listening Skills | Group Conflict | Childcare Reimbursement

Group Serving Suggestions

Group Serve

For your group serve project we have put together a list of serving suggestions of partners we recommend. Please don’t feel limited by this list, but rather use it as a starting point to get connected with some great organizations around the Valley.